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"The most important word in the vocabulary of advertising is test."

— David Ogilvy, 1963

Marketers have a wealth of data at their fingertips. In fact, virtually every decision has some data guiding it: where and how to place ads, who to target, what color to make the submit button, and so on.

Audio selection — from voice to music to functional sound — has been a loud exception to this rule, despite the fact that innovation and investment around audio is booming. There’s simply too much opportunity at stake to be basing audio decisions on hunches.

Veritonic was created to solve this problem. We were pioneers in online testing and optimization, helping marketers make data-driven decisions about websites and user experience when they were struggling for guidance. Now we're applying the same evidence-based approach to ensure that, every time someone uses sound commercially, in any way, they’re always leveraging the most effective audio, getting to that truth easily and driving success.

That’s the sonic truth.


Scott Simonelli

Scott Simonelli

Founder & CEO

Scott Simonelli is CEO and co-founder of Veritonic. He built the company to fill a critical gap in media and technology: the ability for marketers and others to make the same kind of data-driven decisions about audio creative as they do about everything else, so they can maximize the massive opportunity around audio.

A pioneer in online testing and optimization, Scott led business development at OrderGroove as the company grew from its earliest stage to relationships with brands like Walmart, P&G, L'Oreal and CVS. He helped start online testing pioneer Optimost and was instrumental in leading the company from its inception through its acquisition by Interwoven/HP (NYSE: HPQ). Prior to Optimost, Scott held positions at Sony Music, Boosey & Hawkes and even taught elementary school music.

Scott is a summa cum laude graduate of The Catholic University of America with a degree in Music Education and Composition, and he is also a working composer.

Andrew Eisner

Andrew Eisner

Co-Founder & COO

Andrew is a marketing technologist and client success leader. Prior to Veritonic, he co-founded Movable Media, a leading content marketing agency selling to Fortune 1000 brands.

He was CTO of Autonomy Optimost and then COO of Autonomy’s (NYSE: HPQ) Marketing Optimization Business, which he joined via acquisition. Before Autonomy, Andrew was part of the management team at Optimost, the leading multivariable site testing company. Before Optimost, he also worked at easyGroup and American Express.

Andrew holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from Wesleyan University. He is also the co-founder of two exceptionally cute kids.

Kevin Marshall

Kevin Marshall

Co-Founder & CTO

Kevin is a software developer at heart and all around technology enthusiast. Prior to Veritonic, he co-founded PubGears, a publisher facing platform to mathematically yield the highest possible value from publishers' assets.

He has also built a number of smaller companies, apps, and services from the ground up including Falicon Programming Inc. (a consulting service company), Statsfeed LLC (statistics platform that powered fantasy sports systems), Gawk.it (a search engine for blogs and comments), Coach Wizard (a platform for busy parents to help coach their kids), and Draft Wizard (a fantasy sports help community).

Kevin has published a number of technical articles, pdfs, and books including Web Services with Rails (published by O'Reilly, 2006) and Pro Active Record (published by Apress, 2007). When he's not deep into coding, building companies, or talking football, he's generally off playing with his two sons and amazing wife.


Lance Lovette

Lance Lovette

CTO, Optimost

John Sneider

John Sneider

Founder, Storefront Music

Arie Abecassis

Arie Abecassis

Partner, ICONYC Labs


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