We’re kicking off the 3rd season of The Sonic Truth with Ian Borthwick from SeatGeek! Listen in to learn about SeatGeek’s unique approach to podcast advertising and how much influencer marketing has played a part.

An audio intelligence platform that grows brands and sales. Continually getting smarter.

Veritonic is the first analytics platform built to measure the effectiveness of audio creative, so you know you’re always leveraging the assets that help you achieve your goals — from building a brand to running a winning ad campaign.

What is “effective” audio creative?
The ad, voice, sonic branding element, script, music, and more that:

Grabs Someone’s Attention

Connects With Them

Is Memorable

Persuades them to want to Buy the Product

What goes in:
More audio data than has ever been analyzed.

The Veritonic platform has been ingesting audio assets from the biggest brands in the world — ads, branding elements, voiceovers, and more — for five years. It analyzes their innate characteristics (like melody) and content components (like copy), records how they resonate with people, and compares them to other, similar assets in the platform.

The more new audio assets are ingested, the smarter the platform — and the intelligence you derive from it — becomes.

How it’s processed:
Machine Listening and Learning for fast, deep insights.

Veritonic Machine Listening and Learning (MLAL) is trained through years of taking each audio asset, extracting a number of specific features, and correlating them with Veritonic’s set of second-by-second human response data.

Assets get an instant predicted score to start.

The machine continues to learn by capturing the realtime emotional response, recall and purchase intent of the audiences you’re interested in. From general population to any custom segment you wish to create, the live human response data helps to validate the prediction and ensures that the platform is always getting smarter.

What comes out:
Clear, actionable intelligence.

Veritonic Audio Score is your creative asset’s overall rating, incorporating all of the above learning into one, simple metric. Dig in on it here.

Your asset’s component scores, all of which are built into the overall rating, allow you go deeper on what makes your audio creative work for people, and what can be improved. Analysis includes your asset’s:

  • emotional resonance
  • memorability (recall)
  • ability to drive purchase of the product
  • most engaging aspects

Bring the sonic truth to your audio now.

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