We’re kicking off the 3rd season of The Sonic Truth with Ian Borthwick from SeatGeek! Listen in to learn about SeatGeek’s unique approach to podcast advertising and how much influencer marketing has played a part.
Solutions for Audio Platforms

Clear your buyers’ path to sonic success.

Veritonic insights remove the worry about whether you’re leveraging the right audio for your client, or wasting time and money trying to figure it out.

Run the most effective audio creative.

Test and analyze which creative assets score the highest against specific audiences or the general population — and why. Act on what drives consumer loyalty — high emotional response, recall, purchase intent — in everything from audio ads to voiceovers in video, podcasts and more.

  • Pre-market creative testing
  • In-market optimization
  • Second-by-second emotional response and engagement
Test audio creative now 
Run the most effective audio creative.
Erica Osher

With Veritonic, we conduct audio engagement tests against relevant audiences and demographics before launch to determine the emotional resonance of creative and pre/post message impact.

— Erica Osher
Sr. Director, Sponsorship Products/Creative, National Public Media

iHeartRadio and Veritonic reveal how to make radio creatives that resonate in study for the Advertising Research Foundation
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Guide your clients confidently with new sonic context.

Guide your clients confidently with new sonic context.

Easily compare audio assets across the largest dataset. Quantify their relative value and prove which should be prioritized. Benchmark against:

  • Competitors
  • Your own assets
  • Industry norms, key attributes, and more
See where your audio stands now 

Be a thought leader with custom industry reports.

Work with us to bring new, primary research and insight to the market. From ads to voice commands to functional sounds, create new intelligence on how audio really moves people, lead the industry forward and grow your business.

Be an audio thought leader 
Westwood One uses Veritonic to highlight the power of sonic branding in Sports Sound Awards
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Be a thought leader with custom industry reports.

160 million people stream audio weekly.*

How do you know you’re maximizing the opportunity by prioritizing the most effective creative?

*Source: Edison Research

Pre-market testing maximizes your clients’ opportunity to reach people... and your investment.

When you quantify the value of audio and find what works the best before you launch it, consumers spend more time with the creative that impacts them the most, and your buyers spend budget with confidence. Win more customers — more cost-effectively — by testing creative pre-market.

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