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Capture consumers with a new, sonic certainty.

Veritonic insights put the power of objective data behind all of your creative decisions for the first time. Be confident that your decisions about audio marketing yield the best possible results and support your holistic brand experience.

Maximize ROI with the most effective audio creative.

Easily test and analyze which creative assets score the highest against specific targets or the general population. Act on what proves consumer loyalty — high emotional response, recall, purchase intent — in everything from audio ads to voiceovers in video, and more.

  • Pre-market creative testing
  • In-market optimization
  • Second-by-second emotional response and engagement
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Maximize ROI with the most effective audio creative.
Justin Zandri

We don’t decide to use a piece of music in our ads unless we have data to support that decision. Veritonic makes it easy for us and our agency.

— Justin Zandri
Vice President of Marketing, Subway

Veritonic Audio Logo Index

In-depth analysis on the top audio logos from the US and UK.

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Build your brand with the audio you know supports it.

Build your brand with the audio you know supports it.

A lot of businesses spend millions trying to create the most memorable, inspiring brand but never really know how audio contributes or detracts. With the ability to test audio creative and easily measure your brand power against competitors, industry benchmarks, key emotional attributes and more — now you know. Benchmark against:

  • Competitors
  • Your own assets
  • Industry norms, key attributes, and more
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Brands with music and voice that ‘fit’ their identity are 96% more likely to be remembered.*

What fits? Test it with your audiences.

*Source: Adrian North

Pre-market testing maximizes your opportunity to reach people... and investment.

When you quantify the value of audio and find what works the best before you launch it, consumers spend more time with the creative that impacts them the most, and you spend budget with confidence. Win more customers — more cost-effectively — by testing creative pre-market.

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