Who has the most effective audio brand? Find out in Veritonic’s 2020 Audio Logo Index.

Marketing in the audio renaissance is complex.

Here’s your map to figure it out.

From the podcast, streaming, or radio ads that drive sales, to where you stand relative to competitors, to what makes the most resonant sonic brand, Veritonic is the one place to answer every critical question about marketing in audio.

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Veritonic is the audio intelligence platform.

The importance of getting audio right is well-established at this point. Now marketers just need to know what to do to ensure they’re capitalizing on the opportunity.

Win and keep great customers with the sonic truth.

Stop sacrificing business because you simply don’t know which audio assets work the best. From ads to audio logos to voiceovers, know what packs the biggest emotional punch, is most memorable, drives consumers to purchase, and more.

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Lauren Nagel, VP and Executive Creative Director at Pandora, talks measuring audio effectiveness with our CEO Scott Simonelli.
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Lauren Nagel, VP and Executive Creative Director at Pandora

Be the sonic data hero.

Everyone loves the person who brings confident, meaningful perspective to business decisions. Easily compare audio assets across the largest datasets — against historical performance, industry benchmarks, key attributes and more — and be the expert who guides clients toward the best results.

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Get your best result faster and save money.

Everyone’s got an opinion on audio; no one has the time or money to waste figuring out whose is right. Eliminate the guesswork. Test assets before they launch and see how they stack up — powered by Machine Listening and Learning™ and live panel response. Manage it all in one place and make the right decision quickly and easily.

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Get your best result faster and save money.
Creative drives almost 50% of ROI.*
Shouldn’t your decisions on audio creative be based on what objectively works the best?

*Source: Nielsen Catalina

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